Microsoft office professional plus 2016 vs office home and business 2016 free. Compare suites available through volume licensing

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Microsoft office professional plus 2016 vs office home and business 2016 free. Upgrade from Office 2016 to Microsoft 365

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If you have purchased a new Windows computer over the past year or so, you have likely been puzzled when trying to decide which version of Microsoft Office is right for you. Office Online is a great place to start since it offers so many of the features that make the current version of Microsoft Office so powerful, including mobile apps, online storage and online editing from any device.

Office Online is the completely free, and completely web-based version of Microsoft Office and, just to confuse things, Microsoft sometimes calls this free service OneDrive —also the name of its cloud storage service.

Just by signing in with your free Microsoft account you can access basic, stripped-down versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and several other productivity apps from any Internet browser on any computer. A main selling point of this free service is that Office Online also saves your documents automatically, as you work on them. Office Online is also integrated with Outlook. Not to be confused with the more powerful Microsoft Outlook email and calendar software program, Outlook.

As a free service, Outlook. Office Online and Outlook. The free version of OneDrive comes with a somewhat paltry 5GB of online storage, which should be enough to store any Office Online documents you create… but not much else compared to other online services. You can also easily insert Word or other Office Online documents from OneDrive as attachments to emails sent from Outlook.

And, once again, there is a useful, free smartphone app for OneDrive that allows you to easily find and quickly share Office documents. Even as a free software suite, Office Online is a handy tool for quickly getting tasks done.

Besides the rather miniscule 5GB of complementary online storage offered by OneDrive, the free versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint included with Office Online, are, in a word, basic. These no-cost versions offer none of the powerful features of their paid counterparts. This leads to the next question: is it better to pay for Office , or subscribe to Office ? While Office Online is free, you will have to pay to purchase both Office and Office Both Office and Office include the powerful, fully-featured versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Office applications.

The main difference between the two is that Office is a one-time purchase, while Office is a subscription-based service—you must pay every month, or every year, to renew your subscription this chart explains the differences between the basic versions of Office and Office However both Office and Office must be downloaded and installed on your computer to get them to work—despite its status as a subscription service, Office still resides on your Windows PC or your Mac as a software program.

Office is the subscription-based version of the full Microsoft Office suite. While renewing the Office subscription will cost you more from year to year, it also comes with some compelling features that may make it a better choice than Office For example, Office subscribers receive 1TB of OneDrive online storage Office purchasers generally do not that can be accessed on any device.

Office also comes with monthly recurring Skype minutes. This feature is ideal if your family has several computers. There is also a cheaper Office Personal subscription as well that can be installed on just one computer. Since the Office Home subscription can be shared with other members of your family, or even your friends, each person gets 1TB of storage of their own for as long as you continue to subscribe to Office The main selling point of Office seems to be that you only pay once for the software and after that Office is yours to keep.

This basic version includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, but none of the other Office programs, which must be purchased separately, or as part of a more expensive package.

On the downside, Office is regularly updated with new features, while Office only receives security updates. The subscription service also comes with 1TB of OneDrive storage, while Office usually does not—OneDrive online storage will cost extra for Office purchasers. Besides that, the basic version of Office can only be installed on just one computer. Still, many computer owners are still getting used to the idea of subscribing to a software program or online service. But the benefits of subscribing to Office , especially if you own a number of computers, cannot be underestimated.

Which do you prefer? Paying for a subscription, or paying to actually own your own software? Let us know by emailing info compuclever. Home Products Purchase Support Company. CompuClever Blog. It can be confusing when trying tell the difference between Office and Office



Microsoft office professional plus 2016 vs office home and business 2016 free

Office Professional Plus: contains: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access. This suite, only available through volume. Compare Office to Microsoft or get help and the latest information Get always up-to-date Office apps–like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook.


Microsoft office professional plus 2016 vs office home and business 2016 free.Difference Between Professional Plus VS Home and Business Office – Detailed Buying Guide


The suites also differ in the level of integration with related business productivity servers. The essentials for businesses that need desktop Office apps for PC plus instant messaging and HD video conferencing.

When the user launches the Teams client app, they’ll be prompted to sign in. Users whose Azure Active Directory Azure AD account is linked to an existing Teams, Microsoft , or Office service plan will be able to use that account to sign in to their existing licensed version of the Teams service.

Users without an existing license for Teams will be able to use the free or the Exploratory service for Microsoft Teams. For more information, see Manage the free version of Microsoft Teams. The Exploratory experience is for users in an organization who have existing Azure AD accounts but aren’t licensed for Teams. For more information, see Manage the Microsoft Teams Exploratory license. Office suites provide different levels of integration with business productivity servers.

Contact a Microsoft Certified Partner to find the best solution for your needs. Compare suites available through volume licensing. Upgrade to the latest Office to boost productivity. Compare chart. View licensing options. You get to purchase Outlook and Access separately in the Microsoft store, as well as OneDrive storage space. Below are the five traditional editions which were released for Windows:. Why as a consumer do you prefer working with office suite ? Here are some of its benefits:.

Before the office version was developed, attaching documents was cumbersome because one had to navigate through the file location. While working with Office you can still do the same, however, if the file or document in question was recently worked on it will show up on the recent files while attaching with Outlook While working on any document using Office application, it facilitates an extra advantage of keeping past document versions and making them easily accessible for sharing or attachment.

Office suite comes up with an added feature of document sharing by adding a share button to its applications. Every day you probably receive many emails and you had to manually, prioritize the emails to work faster. Office outlook application adds up a clutter folder where you can designate emails as low priority to work on them later.

Microsoft office version comes with new chats versions, which include a waterfall, Pareto , Treemap , Histogram , Sunburst and Box, and whisker which help visualize raw data with new diagrams in very simple ways. As compared to previous office suite versions, Microsoft office suite is tablet-friendly and can be used efficiently without any inconveniences.

Older office versions had no cloud integration advantage, making it hard for consumers not to access data online. Microsoft Office is completely integrated with OneDrive meaning you can be able to access and edit your files from anywhere once saved on the cloud. It refers to a cloud-based up-to-date modern productivity tool from Microsoft that is accessed online through subscription plans the subscription can either be on a monthly or yearly basis.

Its main reason for development was for Microsoft while still offering its existing services to be able to embrace cloud technology. Microsoft is slowly diverting towards Office and moving away from the physical media installation to achieve voluntary diversion by its consumers. You can always access its services Microsoft Office applications on macOS, IOS, Android, Windows 10 Mobile, and Windows from anywhere as long as you have internet access, office login credentials, and an active subscription.

Office having been hosted on the cloud, for any of its subscription plans to run smoothly and efficiently and never to miss any update on your desktop computer or laptop, the following are some of the system requirements you need to consider for easy compatibility:.

For windows operating system, a 1. Office can run and operate efficiently on either windows 10, 8. While running Office , some of its features may require. NET 3. All of its developed subscription plans are different from another, each meeting its objective and goal of improved productivity. Below are the Microsoft office subscription plans you can choose from:. Microsoft office is diverting all of its consumers to Office subscription plans for improved productivity and better working convenience.

For the Home office, subscription plan Microsoft equipped the plan with additional features, which applies to each of the five users using the subscription plan. The features include:. Why subscribe to any of the office plans?

If you might be wondering as to why here are some of the benefits of clicking to that office subscription plan you desired:.

Office is housed in the cloud; hence all updates done by Microsoft are received on a real-time basis at no extra cost for the subscribed consumer. Every consumer needs to save on cost and needs to have a convenient budget plan before buying or subscribing to anything. Microsoft Office offers consider by allowing the consumer to either consider a monthly or yearly subscription in which you only pay once hence eliminating leasing or software update cost in case of newly developed Microsoft feature updates.

Office home plan enables you to run the office on five different computers indecently and also offers an auto-syncing advantage, which means you can access and update files on any of the devices and have real-time updates.

On any of the subscription plans, as long as you have an internet connection, you can access and use Office services from anywhere and get real-time changes. This is super beneficial for companies with remote employees and multiple locations. Is your company having a set up at different locations and having employees working on the same document at times? If yes, Office is the best package for you since it facilitates real-time updates upon editing a document.

Day in day out, technology is growing and Microsoft had to grow with the technology by adopting cloud computing through office Before cloud computing which facilitates online installation, Office version was been installed offline into the machine.

Microsoft office wants to divert its consumers into the online office version, but then is it worth it? Here are some of the differences between office and office For Office to receive updates the consumer has to download updates and install them offline which is an extra cost where else for office updates are automatically done on the cloud and for free.

Microsoft office purchase is normally done o nc e where the consumer gets a license key and several machines to be installed validation without expiry, where else for office it is normally accessed via monthly or yearly subscription. Microsoft office applications are accessed offline since they are locally installed where else Office can only be accessed online.

Microsoft office subscription offers a 1TB OneDrive cloud storage while Office offers no extra storage unless you pay an extra fee for online cloud integration space. Comparing office and office in terms of price, you find that Microsoft office is expensive with fewer packages. Office is an online-based application that is hosted on the cloud making it easily accessible anywhere by a subscriber as long as you have an internet connection document editing changes are real-time.

Office subscription has additional features of 1TB cloud storage and MS Access and MS Publisher applications for free where else for the Office offline purchase, you have to purchase cloud storage, MS Access, and MS Publisher applications at an extra fee. Before concluding either to have an office or office plan, here are some of the factors to consider:.

As a consumer what is your budget? Would you rather buy an office once or pay for a monthly or yearly subscription? Office offers a subscription plan of either monthly or yearly depending on what the user can afford to pay where else on office you buy once the whole package. Office is the best if you need to access your information remotely from multiple devices where else files in office can also be saved in the cloud but accessed from one computer.

Which applications as a consumer are you mostly to use a lot? Choose a plan which has all the applications you need for your use. Office offers real-time updates at no extra cost where else office the User has to download the updates and install them at an extra fee.

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