Introduction of RAK Group Bangladesh

RAK Group, a leading private sector business conglomerate in the country, commenced business in the year of 1994 in the name and style of Gentech International. Initially, it was engaged in marketing stone after purchasing from the local importers. In 1995 it started importing a quality stone-based item from India, Italy, Thailand, and other countries. Now it imported item sets in a good number like Now its imported item sets in a good number like Rice, Wheat, Red Lentils, Dry Red chili, Onion, Maize, Peas, Poultry feed, Sugar, Marble, Granite, Cell phones, Bleaching Powder, Hydrogen Peroxide, Jute Seed, Caustic Soda, Glauber Salt, etc. It emerged as a group of companies named RAK Group in 2002.

From the very inception, the company never looked back. It diversified its business following a successful operation over the last decade, which resulted in Gentech International taking the shape of RAK Group.

RAK Group includes the following concerns:

Each of the business concerns has proved to be very successful in its respective area. They are making steady progress either in manufacturing quality products or providing better services. Now RAK Group has become a well-known name in the business arena of the country.

The Group has been a significant contributor to the national exchequer Continuous research, modernization of mechanism. Improvement in the management efficiency and overall management vigilance on ensuring both quality products and competitive price are some of the secrets of the Group’s success. It has its values, honesty, integrity, commitment to customers and the nation as a whole that RAK Group find very necessary for materializing the Group’s objectives.

RAK Group also recognizes that maintaining the trust and confidence of employees, customers, and other people with whom it does business as well as the community in which it works are vital for its continued growth and success.

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