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Posted on Media Fire Link. Dropbox Link. All told, there are quite a few great updates in the latest releases of SketchUp. What if adding new extensions to SketchUp was as easy as installing an app on your smartphone? Need a special tool? Now you can research, download and install extensions without ever having to leave SketchUp.

Pattern Fills. Drawing a sectional view? Now you can fill shapes in LayOut with hatching and other patterns. Choose from a large library of standards—construction materials, geometric tiles, dot screens—or create your own favorites. Patterns can be rotated, scaled or used as-is. You can even combine Pattern Fills with solid colors to create an endless number of variations. Copy Array. You know how SketchUp lets you easily create multiple copies of an object with your keyboard?

Those are called arrays, and now LayOut lets you make them, too. Copying is fun. Speedier Vector Rendering. Doing so makes lines look smooth and reduces wait times for all but the most complex models. Faster Screen Redraw. Every time you zoom, pan or move an entity on the page, LayOut has to re-draw the picture you see on your screen. LayOut should feel snappier, especially as your document gets more complex. Numbered Pages in the Pages panel. Curved Label Leader Lines. Creating a jauntily curved callout line for a label used to be a five-step, two-handed operation: Click.

Tool switch. In the latest version of LayOut, curving a label line goes like this: Click-drag. Dashes in Dimensions. Ask the guy with the 86 foot ceiling if readable dimensions are important.

Smarter Toolbars in Windows. It used to be that the toolbars for all of your delicious plugins would move around your screen between SketchUp sessions. We heard that drove you crazy, so we re-engineered our Windows UI to make things a whole lot better. In , you can even drag native tool icons between toolbars. Make SketchUp look the way you want it to.

Video Export. Exporting high-quality animations from SketchUp is easier than ever. Using the default settings yields HD videos at p, encoded in any of the three most popular, modern formats: H. Picture quality is much better, and file sizes are smaller as well. Zoom In More. At that magnification level, your sofa would be the size of Jupiter. Or thereabouts. Kirimkan Ini lewat Email BlogThis! Berbagi ke Twitter Berbagi ke Facebook.

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If you are an artist or someone who does architectural designs professionally, you may start out with a simple sketch of what you want to create.

You pour in all of your creativity here and then try to expand it to make it better. In order to give the best that you can, you probably need professional designing software or an application to aid you.

With the almost inexorable inclusion of technology in most of the work that we do, a tool to create designs on systems is definitely required. You need not worry anymore about looking for such a tool as we have the solution here for you. SketchUp Pro is a computer program that is used to create models for many different drawing applications. It can create models for interior design, landscape architecture, and video game design.

The versatility of this software will allow you to make all of the designs that you need to with ease. We believe that you may be excited about trying this software out. If you are, please continue reading the guide that we have prepared for you to know more about the features of the software as well as how to download it. Reading about these features will equip you with some facts about the software and what it is capable of doing:. In this new edition of the software, exporting graphics, animations, and raster files can be done with much higher quality than before.

The user will be able to control the different line thicknesses that their exported images possess using the line-scale multiplier that has just been introduced. In case there are line weights whose thicknesses are too great, the user will be able to lessen them with this program. They will also be able to export images with transparency. This means that they will be aware of everything that is going on behind the scenes while compositing is taking place.

The user will now be able to customise their model in such a way that all of the various measurements that they have for their area and volume can be shown. If they have to design a model for any particular scenario, they will be able to do so successfully with the help of this feature.

There are different unit types available that will help them do whatever they need to. With the aid of this feature, the user will be able to select whatever they want on the screen and then invert the selection. To put it simply, they can now select an item and basically perform all of the actions that they normally do with the item in reverse. If the user is somebody who likes to have some fun with designing, they will absolutely love this feature as it can help them tap into their creativity in a really cool and unique way.

The user will no longer have to endure the tedious task of picking their import file format from a large collection of formats. They can drag and drop every single supported file type straight into their design window. All of the file formats that can be imported will be shown to them by default.

There are also less messy edges now because of the changes brought about by this feature. There may be cases where the user only wants to erase a small portion of their model but end up doing too much of it. This can be incredibly annoying because they may have to redraw that part which accidentally got erased.

In this version of the software, things will be much easier for the user. New modifier keys have been added which will help them remove any of the lines that were highlighted because of what they erased. They can now continue with their design peacefully. The user can now import large areas at full resolution.

If they zoom out a bit, they can select the level from which they want the import to take place. The user should be mindful of how imports of large areas can negatively improve the performance of their model. The user should read the following steps carefully and proceed with the download and installation of SketchUp Pro once they have done so:. We hope that you enjoyed reading the article and found it useful in some way.

If you have never used this software below and are in need of some designing tool to help you with your work or just explore your creativity, please download it and try it out.

You can also share your experience of using it with others if you think that they will enjoy using it. If you wish to discuss anything with us regarding what you read in the article, you can do so in the comments section below.

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